Bible Whisperer

If you've ever waited for the red line at downtown crossing then you most definitely have run into the Bible Whisperer. That isn't actually his name, but that is what I will be referring to him as. Picture a crowded platform. It's dark, dingy, hot. All you want to do is get home, but the train isn't arriving for 8 minutes. 8 minutes doesn't seem like a long time, but it is an eternity down there. Then in the distance you can hear a man screaming. You honestly have no idea what he is saying but you pray he is not coming near you. Within minutes the Bible Whisperer is standing right behind you. He isn't whispering either. He is screaming bible verses. You don't want to look, in fear of him actually coming over to talk to you. You have to look though. He is dressed in a black robe with a huge gold cross around his neck. He also has a sign hanging from him that says "Jesus loves you". The train pulls up. Thank God! (Maybe Jesus does love me). Except wait, lucky you, the Bible Whisperer gets on the train car you're getting into. Not only is it the same car, but he decides to stand right behind you. He proceeds to yell gospel versus. Just when you think it can't get any worse, he starts to sing. At this point you are literally praying he stops. Of course there is always that one person that can't leave him alone. They need to comment and give their opinion on God. Luckily, the Bible Whisperer does't care and proceeds to sing, this time even louder.. While this ever end? You reach South Station and Bible Whisperer gets off. From the window you can see him run onto the next car to preach to the next group of unlucky people. At least its over, for now. 

I haven't seen the Bible Whisperer in awhile, but when I do I try to stay as far away from him as I can. Everyone usually just rolls their eyes and ignores him, but I always feels super uncomfortable the whole time he is around. I just want people to leave me alone. Please sing your gospel songs and prayers somewhere else.