Love Train

There is always that one couple on the train. No matter what time of day it is or how crowded it is, they need to make sure they are kissing and touching and whispering things in each others ear. I don't know about you but I think the train is one of the least sexiest places in the world. Like there is nothing that turns me on less than being in a confined place with lots of smelly, crazy people. Normally, I just ignore these people but the other day there was no escape to this couple in love. 

When I walked in the train, the girl was hugging her boyfriend and rubbing her head into his chest, a little weird, but I could deal with it. Every few seconds she would look up at him and kiss his lips or his cheek or his neck. In between kisses he would whisper in her ear and she would begin to rub her face into his chest. It was starting to get unreal. Luckily, the train driver was crazy, so the train kept jolting and stopping ever few minutes. There was a huge jolt and all of the sudden the girl fell over in the seat behind her. She decided to just sit down at this point. 

Just when I think its over, the boyfriend goes to take her hand and just starts kissing it and rubbing it with her fingers. Then he begins to stroke her arm. Eventually the girl, just fell asleep as the boyfriend continued to stroke her arm. He even leaned over and started kissing her arm until he made it to her mouth. He was basically leaned over making out with her, which obviously woke her up. It was gross. Now I don't mind PDA, but if you're doing it on the train, I probably hate you.