Cover Your Sneeze

The train is already a disgusting place. There are germs everywhere. I always cringe when I go to hold onto the poll or sit down in the seat. There is nothing you can do about it but wash your hands immediately after getting off the train. You can control your sneezing though. 

I honestly don't think that people riding on the train know how to cover their nose and mouth when they sneeze. I think they think "Oh well this place is already gross so what's some more germs in here". No. NO. Cover your mouth. Just cover everything while you're at it. I don't even want you to touch me, never mind spray your mucus all over me. The other day, I am standing on the train, just minding my own business reading an article. All of the sudden the lady sitting in front of me sneezes and it goes all over me. NO JOKE. Once is bad enough, but then she does it AGAIN. She wipes her nose and then went back to reading her kindle. How about saying, "ohh excuse me" or "I'm sorry about that". No. Literally, she doesn't give a shit what-so-ever. I could have cried in that moment. Like what was I supposed to do after it happened? Run out of the train. Yell at her? I couldn't do that, because then the rest of the ride would have been so awkward. Instead I stood there in silence and cried internally.