Always Stand. Don't Sit

I happened to get a seat on the commute home. This never happens. It's like I had won the lottery. Sadly, this excitement came to a quick end. The lady to the right of me sat right down a few seconds after me and started eating a cheeseburger. I honestly cannot understand why people eat on the train. Like how do you even do it with so many people around and the train jolting every five seconds? Anyways, the ketchup from the burger was dripping all over her pants. She loved it though because then she would take a french fry and scoop it right off her jeans. What. At this point no one was sitting next to me until we got to South Station. All of the sudden the 15 year old kid you have ever seen sits down next to me. He was way too cool for headphones, so he decide to blast his rap music. Well I had my headphones in and all I could hear was his music. He also reeked of weed. I actually felt less cool sitting next to him. All I kept thinking was thank god the cheeseburger lady finished her dinner. Lesson 1 of riding the train: always stand, never sit. It is safer. It also allows you to make a quick escape from any crazy situation.