One Stop

The train rolls up to JFK station. The trains crowded, but can easily fit a few more people. This women walks on the train with her 3 year old (total guess) daughter. She stops right in front of the door and then sits on the ground. Yes, not in a seat. The ground of the train. The one everyone walks and stands on. The one that probably has like a million germs. The one where I'm sure a homeless person has peed. Instantly like 3 people ask if she wants to take their seat because she was SITTING ON THE GROUND. Not only on the ground but right in front of the doors where everyone gets out. I could tell this was not only stressing me out but many other people on the train. She politely said, "oh no thanks, we are getting off at the next stop". Then her 3 year old daughter starts crawling around on the ground playing with her toys. Remember its crowded on the train and literally every single person but this mom was having a heart attack watching this scene unfold. Finally, we reach Quincy Center and of course everyone is bursting to get out. A few people must have stepped on her because she started screaming at this guy telling him to chill out and wait until she gets up to let people out. I have never seen a man look so scared in his life. The whole ride this women didn't seem to give a shit about anything and then BOOM she blows up like a firework on the fourth of July. Unreal. You think you have seen it all, until you see a grown women sit on the floor of the train. I pray that she went home and washed her whole body and her daughters in a bottle of that dove body wash.