What's the Point of Sitting!?

I am a firm believe that it is better to stand on the train than sit. If you have read my previous blog post you will understand. The people that sit are the worst. They don't want to be inconvenienced at all. My number one pet peeve of all time on the train is when someone is sitting down and you are standing in front of them on a crowded train and they stand up before they even reach their stop. Some people even stand up and don't move so then you awkwardly have to stand facing them, not able to move until the train stops. The reason I can't move is because I am holding onto the pole so I don't fall over when the train jolts to a stop. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but if you have ever taken the train when it is crowded, you know that not holding onto the pole is a scary situation. What even is the point of standing up before the train stops anyways!? I literally do not understand. It's not going to make you get off the train any faster. It's not going to get you ahead of everyone. There are plenty of other people getting off at that stop to. The doors aren't going to shut in 5 seconds. Relax. The driver knows enough to stop the train and give people enough time to get out, especially when it is rush hour in the morning. These people are just as bad as the people that need to be first to get onto the train and then stand right in front of the door so that they can get off first. Some of the meanest and rudest people I have ever encountered has been on the red line. It is a crazy place.