Stare Down

I do not do well with awkward interactions in small spaces. For example, entering (and riding) a crowded elevator, or sitting in a waiting room at the doctors office. It just makes me uncomfortable and uneasy. The train is no different. Picture this; You're sitting down in a crowded train, or even worse, a not so crowded train, minding your own business, when someone sits directly across from you. Now, most people will just take out their phone, or read a book, but you know what is the worst kind of person? The kind of person who does neither of those things and decides to look directly at you and just sit there the whole train ride. It's like they want you to feel uncomfortable and awkward. Sure, I can just look at my phone or read my book, but you can feel their eyes staring you down, daring you to look up at them. Ocassinally you will forget about this annoying situation, but as soon as you go to look up, BOOM, you're eyes meet theirs and that wave of awkwardness hits you like a brick. You even try to look away but no matter what you feel that person's eyes on you like the Mona Lisa. Then crazy thoughts start going through your mind. Is this person going to follow me once I get off the train? Maybe they think I'm cute? Are they even paying attention to me or are they actually sleeping with their eyes open? Now in reality, I know I am the crazy one and I am just being dramatic, but staring makes me uncomfortable and I would appreciate it if everyone on the train would just ignore me and pretend I wasn't even there. That would be my perfect train ride.